Vocational Education and Training (VET) is becoming increasingly popular within the, as almost half of all upper secondary school pupils follow vocational programmes. At the same time, the jobs of tomorrow demand skills that will correspond to the requirements of the green and digital transitions, which subsequently require significant investments in upskilling and re- skilling of professionals.

Investing in greening VET is considered a cornerstone of the process since it can foster positive impact at multiple levels: it enhances employability of workers and productivity of enterprises as it reflects current and future demands of the
labour market, it supports sustainable lifestyles and reinforces consciousness and motivation to develop a green culture, and it makes VET more attractive to learners and communities through the promotion of green skills.

The everGREEN Project foresees to introduce innovative practices that will prepare VET communities, including leaders, staff, and learners, to initiate the greening process of the sector and enable behavioural changes and greener mindsets at both professional and personal level.


During the project we want to: 

  • Introduce innovative practices to support VET communities in becoming agents of change towards sustainable development, through the adoption of and institute-wide green approach,
  • Build the capacity of VET institutes in adequately adapting their provision to current and future needs of the economy and the society, by developing highly relevant and flexible resources, tools, and methods,
  • Develop sustainability competences of VET staff and leaders and support the green transition of the sector by providing individualised upskilling opportunities,
  • Support the development of VET learners’ green skills and employability potential within a competitive and constantly changing labour market,
  • Enable behavioural change to more sustainable lifestyles and habits well beyond VET provision, and facilitate the adoption of sustainable mindset within the society,
  • Foster transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation in greening VET provision according to current and forthcoming needs of the sector and society in general.