A Culmination of Learning and Inspiration: Wrapping Up the #EverGREEN Training with Insightful Excursions and Future Horizons

As the #EverGREEN training in Nice reached its crescendo, participants embarked on a memorable third and final day filled with insights, hands-on experiences, and a taste of sustainable excellence. The day unfolded with an eye-opening excursion to the “Lycée hôtelier Jeanne et Paul Augier,” a pioneering hotel and tourism school that is a European pioneer for sustainability.

The excursion offered a firsthand look at the meticulous modernization efforts undertaken by the school, with a focus on sustainable practices. The kitchens and waste management systems, in particular, stood out as shining examples of eco-friendly innovation. Participants gained valuable insights into how sustainability can be seamlessly integrated into daily operations, creating a model for other educational institutions to follow.

The highlight of the excursion was a three-course meal, expertly prepared and served by the talented students of Lycée hôtelier Jeanne et Paul Augier. The culinary experience was not just a feast for the palate but a celebration of sustainable gastronomy. The shared meal became a symbol of the interconnectedness of learning, sustainability, and the joy of collaboration.

The experience left a lasting impact on all participants, creating a shared sense of appreciation for the dedication and innovation displayed by the school. It was more than a mere excursion; it was a touching journey into the heart of sustainable practices and a fitting conclusion to the training’s emphasis on real-world application.

Post-excursion, the training course shifted gears to an engaging session about the upcoming everGREEN Alliance. Participants delved into discussions about membership benefits and the future steps post-training. The Alliance promises to be a hub for ongoing collaboration, knowledge exchange, and mutual support among organizations committed to sustainable VET practices.

The day concluded with a wrap-up discussion, providing participants with a platform to share their reflections and insights. A feedback session facilitated an exchange of thoughts, ensuring that the #EverGREEN training continually evolves to meet the needs and expectations of its growing community. Certificates were distributed to commemorate the successful completion of the training, marking the participants’ commitment to driving positive change in their organizations.

As the sun set on the final day, the journey in Nice concluded with a look ahead. The #EverGREEN community now stands united, armed with knowledge, inspiration, and a shared vision for a sustainable future in vocational education. The echoes of the insightful excursion, the Alliance discussions, and the heartfelt moments shared over a sustainable meal will undoubtedly resonate as participants return to their respective organizations, empowered to transform aspirations into reality. The end of the training is not an endpoint but a launching pad for a collective journey towards a greener, more sustainable educational landscape. Stay tuned for updates on the continued impact of the #EverGREEN community as it forges ahead into the future